About us

The website codingwings.com is a free to learn website, where you can learn the programming languages free of cost. The language used is very simple and is understandable by the beginner also. You can also get the code from the website and use that code to save your time. The website is user friendly website.
The navigation of the website is also kept very simply, so that the required information can be fetched out without any trouble.

Information we collect
We do not collect any sensitive information from any other user. The website is free to use and you do not need to enter any information until or unless you are going to dpwnload any of the program file and at that time also you just need to sign up on the website and the log in to download the program files.

How do we use your information?
The information we collect from you is very much safe with us. We do not sell your information to anyone. You should worry about you information as it is safe with us. .